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PT. Tata Kayu Indonesia door production unit is equipped with the latest technologies. Our technologies, which meet modern quality requirements, allow manufacturing up to 10.000 doors per month. The manufacture offers a wide range of technical solutions for manufacturing nonstandard doors: from their size and use of exotic species of wood for the door finishing and to the manufacture of doors based on our design or customer designs.

Delivery and Storage

The delivery of doors will be in sealed packaging. Thus it will prevent the possibility of any mechanical damage, dirt, moisture and the impact of precipitation and direct sunlight during transportation.

Proper storage of door panels and frame are important to ensure these components maintain their desired performance and appearance. The storage space should be sheltered, well ventilated, clear from dust and kept dry all times. Door frames and panels should be stacked horizontally on raised ground (such as on wooden blocks) to prevent warpage and other possible damages caused by the surface water / moisture.

The appearance of some timbers and venners, such as cherry, can be affected by sunlight. These materials should not be left unprotected in direct sunlight. It is advisable to protect them with opaque covers to avoid direct sunligt that may cause discolouration of these materials.


The manufacturer guarantees that the door (leaf and frame), its finish and glazing has no manufacturing defects . The manufacturer’s warranty is only provided by request to direct buyers.

The warranty is provided under the condition that the doors have been stored, transported, installed and operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The warranty is not valid for defects (damage) that have been caused by the following:

  1. under the influence of acids or other chemicals, as well as water and steam damage
  2. under the influence of high temperatures or fire
  3. due to incorrect transportation or storage of the doors
  4. due to incorrect assembly and installation of the doors
  5. as a result of inappropriate operation or maintenance
  6. due to other actions that violate instructions related to the transportation, storage, assembly, installation, operation and maintenance of the doors.

The manufacturer will review claims containing the following details:

  1. Door item name
  2. PO number
  3. Picture of defect or damage
  4. Detailed description of discovered defects

Project Monitoring System (TATA PMS)

PMS is stand for Project Monitoring System. It is a feature on our website that will help our customers to monitor the progress of individual purschase order (PO). Customer will receive regular update from us by email notification. This update can be used as an indicator for our production / delivery time. Customer by themselves will have ability to know whether the project are on schedule or not.